2021 December 17-21

Pacifichem 2021 was held on line.

This conference had been originally planned to be held at Honolulu, Hawaii but due to Covid-19 issue, it was held online. Prof. Ozaki, Prof. Yusuke Morisawa (Kindai University) et al. organized a symposium titled “Frontiers of Higher Energy UV Spectroscopy”. In this symposium Prof. Harumi Sato (Kobe Univ.), Prof. Hidetoshi Sato (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.), Prof. Yusuke Morisawa (Kindai Univ.), Dr. Ichiro Tanabe (Osak Univ.) had an invited talk. Dr. Tamitake Itoh et al. had a symposium on SERS/TERS and plasmonicws. Prof. Ozaki had an invited talk at symposiums on hydrogen bondings and SERS/TERS.

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